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About National Honor Society

National Honor Society is a national high school organization founded in 1921 whose objectives are to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to initiate a desire to provide service, to emphasize leadership, and to encourage development of character in secondary schools nationwide.

A man by the name of Edward Rynearson is considered to be the founder of the National Honor Society. Before the resolution that formed National Honor Society was passed in 1921, many members of the National Association of Secondary School Principals were concerned about emphasizing athletic and academic activities. They regarded it as detrimental to programs designed to enforce leadership and service, and so the National Association of Secondary School Principals compromised and passed a resolution, in the hope that the unification of ideals in scholarship, leadership, service, and character might be able to lead to improved national standards of students in high schools.

It was regarded from its inception as a way to promote academic standards, a way of ensuring the continuation of democracy as an organization, and a tool for the improvement of the individual and school. Today, the Society has flourished immensely with more than 15,000 chapters existing nationally.