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Culinary Program Overview

The culinary arts program at SBHS is designed to help students develop employability skills and self-sufficiency in the kitchen. Students work with a variety of recipes, ingredients, and industry standard equipment to increase their knowledge and self confidence in cooking. Through the culinary arts program, students will learn the foundational skills for careers in the food, beverage, hospitality, and tourism industries.

Culinary Sequence of Courses

About the Instructor


Chef Mann was born and raised in Utah, where she completed culinary school in 2012. She then moved to Portland to pursue a career as a pastry chef. After working her way up from pastry assistant to executive pastry chef, she moved to Alaska and began her teaching career. She taught culinary arts classes for 3 years at Kodiak High School in Kodiak, Alaska. This is her first year at Barlow and she is excited to help develop a program where students can learn to become a part of the unique food culture that surrounds them.

Gresham-Barlow School District's Commitment to Career Technical Education

The Gresham-Barlow School District is commited to creating high quality pathways from education to the workforce. We prioritize partnership, collaboration, innovation and leveraged resources to provide high quality programs. All Career-Technical Education (CTE) Programs in this school district are accessible to all students. The district will take steps to ensure that race, color, gender, national origin, disability, or the lack of English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in CTE programs.