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Fine and Performing Arts & World Languages

General Information

World Languages Department Philosophy
The Department of World Languages is dedicated to teaching students the language skills and cultural knowledge necessary for succeeding in todayís multi-lingual world of cultural diversity. Within the World Language Department, students may choose French, Sign Language or Spanish as a focus language. The Department offers an integrated curriculum comprising the teaching of linguistic proficiency; the promotion of a critical awareness of other cultures and the development of reading, writing and listening skills in a non-native language.

Fine & Performing Arts Department Philosophy
The Sam Barlow Fine & Performing Arts Department believes that the arts are inseparable from life; therefore, they are inseparable from education. The arts stimulate thinking, invite analysis, and foster the creative nature in us all. Awareness and practice in these arts is fundamental to the healthy development of children's minds and spirits. Students deserve the education and understanding that the fine and performing arts provide, regardless of background, talents, or learning style. To provide students access to the study of the arts is to provide them access to their full potential; to live a life rich in meaning.

Department Chair

       Paul Nickolas

World Languages Staff:

Fine & Performing Arts Staff: