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Economics - Globalization

Class Web Links - Globalization Webliography

Globalization 101

A project of the Levin Group, this site provides basic information on what globalization is and how it affects peoples and nations around the world. It has over a dozen specific sections that explain globalization issues with regard to health, culture, trade …etc… under the “Issues in Depth” tab and on the header menu.

The Globalization Website

Created by a professor of sociology at Emory University, this site is designed for students and others interested in the topic of globalization. If you need basic definitions and explanations, this is a good place to start.

Global Policy Forum

A clearinghouse of articles and links on the topic of globalization.

International Monetary Fund

Considered by some to be a major factor in globalization, the IMF has its own definitions and issues site related to this topic.

International Forum on Globalization

A site that brings together information and resources that question and challenge the increasing globalization of the world.

Gale Powersearch

A comprehensive and reliable information database from Gale Publishing. Contracted by the State of Oregon, the Gale Powersearch database is a combination of Magazine/Academic journal/News/eBooks and multimedia sources. Click on the Gale PowerSearch logo after clicking on the link below. This is a free resource to all Oregon students and staff. Bookmarked and readily available on Library computers. Remote access is available with passwords provided by Mr. Wong or Mrs. Ferron.