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Economics - Health care costs

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Cost of Health Care Reform

Specific Websites

Congressional Budget Office: Health Care Reform[2012-01-01T00%3A00%3A00Z%20TO%202013-01-01T00%3A00%3A00Z]&keys=health%20care%20reform&op=search

The official congressional oversight office estimates and documents related to the costs of adopted health care reform and various amendments to that law.

Council of Foreign Relations: Health Care Costs and U.S. Competitiveness

Article by the Council of Foreign Relations that examine health care costs and their impact on U.S. competitiveness.

CNN Money: Health Reform The $$$ Story

Article that examines the potential costs and savings that may result from recent changes to health care.

Visual Economics: Health Care Costs Around the World

A visual representation of health care costs around the world.

General Nonpartisan Health Care Sites


A government health care policy site that explains the current adopted plan. Created and run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. This is the web portal/tool that is used to actually sign up for health care plans under the Affordable Health Care Act.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Connected to the Kaiser family, but not a part of the current Kaiser companies, this organization researches and analyzes major health related issues. Includes extensive resources related to the debate surrounding the direction of health care policy and reform.

The Washington Post

The Washington Post's all-in-one coverage site for the debate surrounding the future of health care policy.

CNN’s special coverage of “Health Care in America” and the debate surrounding health care reform.

A good site to conduct spot checks about health care policy claims.

General Partisan Health Care Sites

Democratic Party (National)

Supports current health care policy. More health care reform topics can be found with the site search engine.

National Public Radio (NPR)

National Public Radio’s coverage of health care issues. Primarily supports health care reform efforts.

Congressional Republicans and Republican Party (National)

(Presents Congressional Republican health care alternatives)

(Republican party site. You need to use the search engine to find specifics) Both of these sites largely reject the adopted health care policies as defined by the President and the Democratic Party. Both present Republican alternatives and objections related to health care reform.

Wall Street Journal

A news site that predominantly produces articles that question the direction of current government health care policies.

Library Resources

Gale Opposing Viewpoints – Health Care Debate

The Opposing Viewpoints site is designed to provide persuasive arguments both for and against various important issues of the day. The link above pulls together all of the articles related to health care reform in America and the world. It can be directly accessed from school. Remote access from home is available with passwords provided by Mr. Wong or Mrs. Ferron.

Gale Powersearch

A comprehensive and reliable information database from Gale Publishing. Contracted by the State of Oregon, the Gale Powersearch database is a combination of Magazine/Academic journal/News/eBooks and multimedia sources. Click on the Gale PowerSearch logo after clicking on the link above. This is a free resource to all Oregon students and staff. Bookmarked and readily available on Library computers. Remote access is available with passwords provided by Mr. Wong or Mrs. Ferron.