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Lexile Information

What's a Lexile and how can it help me?

A Lexile is one measurement of a student's current reading ability. All students have a numeric score that is determined by their performance on state reading tests. These scores can be matched to books that have similar Lexile scores.

Students, teachers and parents can use this score to help students to select books that will be appropriate to their reading ability. Please keep in mind that a Lexile is just one tool that can help a student to find reading materials. Lexiles do not take into account a student's interests or willingness to read books that are above or below their Lexile level.

You can easily find books by Lexile by searching our Library collection. Just click on the Reading Programs option in our Destiny Library catalog and then select Lexile to enter in your Lexile score or range.

For more Lexile information and resources, go to the Lexile Framework For Reading. This site also features searchable databases that you can use to find more books by their Lexile ratings.

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