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Social Studies

General Information

Social Studies Department

The Sam Barlow Social Studies Department seeks to provide all students with the knowledge and skills that will equip them to be informed Twenty-first Century citizens.

The Social Studies program curriculum is based on national, state and district Social Studies standards. Students need to complete three years of Social Studies courses in order to graduate.

This is the sequence of required Social Studies classes that students will take:

  • 9th Grade: World Studies (semester)
  • 10th Grade: Global Perspectives (semester)
  • 11th Grade: U.S. History (year-long course)
  • 12th Grade: Government (semester) and Economics (semester)

Additionally, we offer Advanced Placement options at each grade level:

  • 9th Grade: AP Human Geography
  • 10th Grade: AP European History
  • 11th Grade: AP U.S. History
  • 12th Grade: AP Macro Economics/Honors Government

The Social Studies Department also offers several semester elective classes:

  • Ethnic Studies
  • History Through Media
  • Military History
  • Psychology 
  • Sports and Society